Designed by Elena Vasilevsky

Love Life Jewelry collection is a glimpse at the spirit behind the label.

A modern day Boho-chick looks, ranging from celebrity glam to common folk functionality. The essence of Love Life Jewelry is a mixture of passion, healing and balance of seven primary chakras. The seven Chakras are the power points of life’s force in the human body that require balance for mental and physical well being. Chakra means – the wheel of life on Sanscrit.

Stones are healing crystals with specific vibration and color create a healing and balancing action in the individual when wearing it. These specific gems, crystals and beads provide a striking ray that generates a positive energy and evokes a high-spirited array of love, balance and health. These stones are the tools from the womb of the Mother Earth, a gift from the Creator, which heals and balances our life’s energy with love.

This urban and vintage inspired collection conveys the cultural preciousness of Tibet and brilliantly highlights its ties with love, healing and luxury. The dazzling color combinations and unique stone architectures within a blend of spiritual quality brings us to an exceptional world of abundant energy of life. Love Life Jewels is a collage of love, uninhibited by convention. It is the ultimate celebration of love, life and luxury.

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