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I am passionate about designing for the woman who is ageless and in love with style. Captivating, confident & chic, she turns to Elena V collections for an easy transition from daylight to date night. From casual to sophisticated daywear and evening pieces, Elena V is a one-stop destination for the needs of the fashion-conscious woman. The Ready-To-Wear embodies a mix of around-the-clock lifestyle separates, as well as some special event options. Known for edgy, timeless style and interesting mix of textures that transition easily from season to season. Our trademark is timeless functionality delivered through fine quality and fit.

Elena Vasilevsky is a Ukrainian-born designer based in New York City. Growing up in New York had a significant influence on my world-view, which I express creatively through fashion, melding a modern, eclectic palette, with innovative design elements.

I graduated Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York, specializing in Fashion Design. My formal training is backed up by various influences from my childhood through today that have shaped my work creating my own label. My artistic background includes performing as a classical concert pianist, curating surrealist Russian-Ukrainian art, Fashion Design, Latin dancing and creating costumes for cinema and theater. I am truly passionate about my work, and it lead me to win ‘Best Designer’ in a fashion runway show competition inspired by Vitaminwater, sponsored by The Coca Cola Company in 2011, creating the impetus to launch my own brand, Elena V. The essence of the Elena V brand is diverse multitude of artistic and cultural influences with innovative approach.

“Every piece of my creation contains a piece of my soul. My creations reveal personalities and allow individuals to refine their own unique beauty…”



Current Projects

Love Life Jewelry Collection 

The birth of Love Life Jewelry is an expression of my soulful evolvement in a new era healing art. My father was a jewelry designer and I was always fascinated with stones and their unique qualities. My interest and experience in jewelry design combined with many years of involvement in metaphysical studies inspired me to create an innovative, urban jewelry line. The healing aspects of this sacrosanct collection is my new path to facilitate healing for others by creating beautiful jewelry with healing stones, beads and crystals, that align, balance and heal chakras.

Practicing the art of Jewelry design, I call for an abundance of psychological uplifting energy on all levels. When designing Love Life Jewelry, I channel an aura of love, life and healing. I feel spiritually connected and blessed in being able to express my creativity in this new light. Giving back to the individual soul in this spiritually uplifting way is the style that is encompassed by Love Life Jewelry.

Special Highlights

Winner of “Best Designer” in national vitaminwater inspired fashion show – competition in June 2011 sponsored by Coca-Cola Co.

Appeared during NY Fashion Week Special Preview of WABC-TV’s “Here And Now”. Aired: September 9th, 2012, at 12:00pm, on WABC-TV.

Appeared on Channel 4 in a show “Wingin It” Special Preview during Buffalo Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 27, 2012.

Ready-To-Wear collection, S/S 2013 and F/W 2014 was showcased as a private show-exhibition at the museum of Modern Ukrainian Art in NY during NY Fashion Week.

Segment on Channel Thirteenth’s NYC-ARTS TV program. Fashion Week coverage, and will feature the current exhibition Out of Tradition: Contemporary Decorative and Applied Art and the “Fashion, Ukrainian Style” event, featuring Elena Vasilevsky’s designs, both fashion and jewelry. Aired September 5, 2013.



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Giving back to what inspired me to design…

Latin style dancing inspired me to start designing again after many years. It’s my passion and essence to express my soul. Through dancing my personal expression evolves on a different level and creates beautiful fashions and jewelry for people to enjoy.

I am very grateful to embrace this passion, it’s a special gift from GOD that makes me happy to give and receive. That is the reason I started on this path of love and  support to guide kids and youth in the powerful direction to live their life according to their essence and self expression. It’s the biggest gift you can give and receive. It’s an authentic way of living life powerfully, full of  love.


Our organization is teaching, guiding and helping to grow a healthy and respectful future generation of authentic powerful achievers. We provide them with the access to self, connection to self and other human beings to enroll and empower their lives and the society as a whole.

Sounds and rhythm of music is healthy addiction engaging kids in healthy activities, keeping them off the streets and away from drugs. Connection of self and another human being is empowering world of enrollment. It’s a commitment to take actions and accomplish goals. I am because You are. We open the doors for the Youth to feel the connection and live their lives in true love for one another. A Powerful relationships to build a better future together. Dancing Community is a healing environment, where kids feel strong connection being part of the family, where they belong. As a team player, they learn responsibility, dedication and value for give and take. Through dancing, kids express their creativity, develop confidence, and their personal style. They will discover their true essence, and strive to live better, healthier life style. Dancing community opens new doors to the kids exploring art and culture. Performing Arts is Passion, which is a strong tool building enthusiasm, to do, learn, develop and achieve. Focusing on developing their skills and following their passion these kids will learn healthy values, and will not entertain ideas to stray the streets looking for drugs, developing bad habits or getting involved in destructive activities. Our collaboration is guiding, teaching and helping grow healthy and respectful future generation of true achievers. 



Ukrainian Orphanage: Love Life Jewelry is donating partial proceeds from all sales to the Ukrainian Orphans.

Fashion For a Cause - In support for the American Cancer Association – April 28, 2010. Charity fashion show at Amici III Restaurant, Linden NJ

Fashion Live – October 26, 2011 – Charity fashion shows in support of the  Salsa Beats for healthy Kids at Amici III, Linden NJ

Mambo 2 Mambo, The Movie – September 15, 2011 – Charity fashion show and movie trailer launch in support for the Salsa Beats For Healthy Kids at Liberty Science Center, Governor’s Hall.

Dance and Fashion Calendar  – Featuring Best Salsa Dancers Calendar 2011 in support for the Salsa Beats for Healthy Kids.

Dance and Fashion – Charity Fashion show and dance performances in support for the Salsa Beats for Healthy Kids, on February 26, 2010

at the Polish House, Harrison NJ. Charity event to raise funds for Salsa Beat For Healthy Kid Org.

Rock The Runway For a Purpose – To strut out bullying the children, DBK Foundation, January 20, 2011 in Summit NJ.

Charity Fashion Show to raise funds for DBK Foundation to stop bullying children.

Emmanuel Cancer Foundation - March 23, 2012 at Warwick Hotel NY Charity fashion show to raise funds for Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.

Salsa For A Cure (MultipleSclerosis Fundraiser)  - April 12, 2012 at B.B. King NY Donated $2,000 dress to Yesenia Peralta to be auctioned in order to raise funds for Yesenia Peralta’s treatment and Multiple Sclerosis Awareness.

Miss Teen America and Soul for the Soles - November 19, 2011 at Hilton Court, Parsippany NJ. Charity Fashion Show to raise funds for Soles For Soles Foundation.

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