Love Life Jewelry

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The Love Life Jewelry collection is a glimpse at the spirit behind the label. The essence of Love Life Jewelry lies in healing and balancing the seven primary chakras through modern day Bohemian pieces, composed primarily of silver, gemstones and beads. Each one evokes a mood of decadent decay and distressed glamour with vintage details. The seven chakras are the power points of our life force in the human body, which requires balance for mental and physical well being. The stones we use in our jewelry are hand-selected to produce distinct vibrations and brilliant colors, known for creating a healing and balancing action in the individual when wearing them. These unique gems, crystals and beads provide not only a striking visual array, but also generate a positive energy from within. These stones are the tools from the womb of Mother Earth, a gift from the Creator, made to temper our life’s energy with love and harmony. I feel spiritually connected and blessed in being able to express my creativity in this light. Giving back to the individual soul in this uplifting way is the style that Love Life Jewelry desires to encompass.










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